AEP School

Our training school with a focus on excellence !

Convinced that people are the driving force of our organisation and that we must constantly adapt our skills to market changes, we want to become a learning company. In 2021, we launched our own in-house training school : AEP School.

This school aims to train all our employees by sharing theoretical and practical knowledge with a single goal: to achieve excellence.

Led by expert in-house trainers, our training courses result in a substantial increase in skills. The aim of our on-the-job training courses (AFEST) is for each employee to become an expert in his or her trade while reinforcing their knowledge of the plastics industry as a whole. Through our training courses, we also want to pass on our values and ethics to our employees and get them involved in the company’s projects.

Do you want to be part of the AEP adventure? Don’t wait any longer – join us !