Business sectors


  • Uses : primary packaging for frozen products (vegetables, French fries, ready meals, meats, pastries) and secondary packaging for canneries (cans)
  • Products :
    • Film for vertical and horizontal packaging, with very high print quality up to 8 colours
    • Food cover (with or without fuse-welded corners)
    • Bundling film


  • Uses : packaging for mineral water producers, dairies,
  • Products :
    • Heat-sealable and shrinkable bundling film, printed for bottles, milk packs, etc.
    • Automatic palletised sleeve


  • Uses : packaging for toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
  • Products : bundling film with high optical properties in terms of transparency and easy to tear when opening

Horticulture & Wood

  • Uses : packaging for wood pellets, soil, fertilizers
  • Products : vertical or horizontal packaging films with high machine strength and excellent sealability, printed with UV inks

Construction & Industry

  • Uses : packaging for all types of industrial and construction companies
  • Products :
    • Protective films, sleeves and covers with very good machine strength and excellent shrinkage properties, primarily for bulky products (mattresses, windows, traffic signs, fabrics, furniture, etc.). These products can be printed in up to two colours.
    • Pallet base and cap (manual or automatic application)

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

  • Uses : packaging for clothing, household linen, table linen, etc.
  • Products : films and protective covers for clothing and linens with good fuse welding properties

Secure mailings

  • Uses : secure envelopes, tamper-proof or not, for banknotes, coins, medical analyses, various shipping methods (Colissimo, Chronopost, etc.)
  • Products : opaque and scratch-resistant coextruded film


  • Uses : various bags for all sectors
  • Products :
    • industrial bags
    • food bags
    • rubbish bags
    • medical and pharmaceutical bags
    • etc.

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