Innovation is marketing, imagination, creativity, knowledge and, above all, industrial courage. So, let’s have the courage to innovate in creating the packaging of tomorrow !

Innovation has long been at the heart of the organisation in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our R&D department’s mission is to develop new solutions while ensuring :

  • The protection required from the packaging
  • Respect for consumer health
  • Preservation of the environment through our involvement in the circular economy

To achieve this, we work closely with our customers and partners to eco-design the packaging of tomorrow, while allocating significant internal resources. Indeed, significant investments have been made in recent years :

  • Acquisition of a laboratory extruder to develop new formulations, in particular by testing new materials from the circular economy.
  • Establishment of a laboratory equipped with the high-performance measuring equipment needed to evaluate products :
    • Technical properties: traction, tearing, perforation
    • Friction coefficients
    • Fusion temperature (DSC)
    • Dimensions and thickness profile
    • Shrinkage rates
    • Materials testing (FTIR)

The laboratory in pictures